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It Happened In Vegas

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What a night last night was! I don’t get to see Misty Anderson often, so every moment I get with her is a special treat. I’m still trying to get her to move in with me but not having much luck on that front. However, she’s been giving me lots of credit for being persistent. I got this picture of her last night.

Through out the weekend we did a large number of photo shoots. Basically it was shooting during the day and drinking at night. I managed to get this picture of Alison Angel Saturday afternoon.

And I also shot Lia as well!

I having the time of my life but it’s hard to keep up with these girls; This morning Lia wanted to go jogging. I have pix of that too, but I haven’t unloaded them off my camera yet.

We are planning on getting on the roadfor the trip back to Phoenix shortly. I love road trips. Lia read my blog the other night and promised this time she would get dressed up for the car ride. We’ll see. I’m sure I’ll get pictures of that too! Tonight I have dinner with Raimi which I’m greatly looking forward too.

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