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Rooftop Teen Babe

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For the love of god, why is Meet Madden climbing up a ladder to the roof?

naked teen on rooftop1

Sort of reminds me of those sexy chicks on the various Star Trek series when a hot chick is climbing up one of those ladders. I’m like, if that was me I’d be so checking out her ass! Just like when I was a male cheerleader. Some of might think male cheerleaders are gay but was I fondling their asses while I was holding them up in the air while you clowns were up in the stands wishing that a cheerleader would just take the time to talk to you.

Whoa, Meet Madden has made it up to the roof. I wonder what she’s going to do up there?

naked teen on rooftop2 naked teen on rooftop3 naked teen on rooftop4 naked teen on rooftop5

Maybe Meet Madden is going to work on her tan. She’s tripped down to her bra and panties, and she’s crawling around on her hands and knees. Got to find that exact right spot so she can take off her bra and panties and get a real tan!

naked teen on rooftop6

I could spend hours watching Meet Madden tanning!

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