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Ride With Madden

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So this is something different. Meet Madden hooked me up with access to her member’s area and I took a spin around, well, wow – I’m impressed. Her member’s area is full of fucking content, photos I’ve never seen before, and videos….. For some odd reason I’m not much one for videos, but I decided to watch one video of Meet Madden while she was driving what seems to be her truck. I learned more about Meet Madden in one minute and twenty seconds than I ever thought I would.

It seems Meet Madden and her “friend” Tina went for a drive, and during the drive Tina interviewed Meet Madden…..

meet madden video screen cap2 meet madden video screen cap3

Right off the bat I can tell you two things – Meet Madden likes country music, and she lives out in the fucking styx.

The video is ten minutes long and they just chatted away about “boys”, shopping, favorite holidays, and so forth. But it was just pretty hot to hear her voice for the first time.

meet madden video screen cap4

Then Tina pointed the video camera down to show off her legs…. I love the legs Meet Madden has!

meet madden video screen cap5

The one part that got me was when they started talking about “frogging”. HUH? They passed a stream and Meet Madden said “We can go frogging”. Oh boy, she gal needs to move to California already!

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