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Email Grab Bag

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So today I got an email from an “old industry friend”. Another Canandian, and you know how ADORE ALL CANANDIANS. (It’s true!) Her name is Cameron Cocks and he wants me to meet her. Here she is…

Now, let me explain something about our industry. The 70’s are over. My friend wants me to meet her; He’s not putting her in a box like a bit of meat for me to have sex with. That stuff doesn’t happen. If I’m charming enough I might get lucky – highly unlikely – but otherwise it’s more or less hands off. It’s a bit tasteless to hit on (and thus sleep with) a model who works for someone else. At least I think it is.

So anyhow, he wants to fly down from the Great White North to introduce me to Cameron . I told him I’d be down for it – but only if she cooks naked for me at least once.

They are coming down early next week and staying at my new condo. Pix to follow.

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