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All Growned Up

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I do love it oh so much when our young teen models put on a dress and try to act all grown up…. She might be legal to fuck (gasp!), but surely not legal to drink, and yet Love Abbie here is trying to act like she’s twenty-five years old. I bet you that’s not even her place.

But still….. Love Abbie is fun to look at!

sex love abbie7830

Whoa, look at her now….. Love Abbie is throwing caution to the wind!!!!

sex love abbie7831

Sometimes I crack myself up.

Honey…. Love Abbie…. If you ever read this…. My place is much nicer. If you want to come live with me….. We can kick my girlfriend out and you can move in with me. She’s all of twenty-five years old and not getting any younger.

Hey, wait a minute…. Here I thought that was some fancy kitchen and it’s really nothing more than a damn hotel room. Look at the door in the second picture, and the fire extinguisher…. Oh honey, your boyfriend is so damn cheap!!!!

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