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Sexy Hot Tub

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All teens like to spend their time in hot tubs – for reasons that I fail to understand. I’ve had sex in a hot tub – although not with someone half as hot Craving Carmen – and I think hot tub sex is way over rated. Why fuck in a hot tub when the bed is inside? Is it dangerous? Afraid to get caught? Like to fuck in public?

I’d fuck any place or time that Craving Carmen wants…. Then again, I guess sometimes you just “have to have it” and “have to have it right now”. In such cases, hot tub sex with Craving Carmen is perfectly acceptable.

craving carmen sexy hot tub

Come to think of it, any kind of sex with Craving Carmen any place you can have it is always a good call!

She’s soaking wet… I don’t think Craving Carmen planned on going hot tubbing – Someone must have talked her into it!!!!

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