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Sexy Laundry Day

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Teen chicks just don’t get it. Oh, they want and they want, the love material things, yet they have their dumb boyfriends and desperately try to make ends meet. The average age that men peak at sexually is eighteen, so that means pretty much anyone they date are already past their sexual prime. (This means I’m way past my sexual prime, but rest assured I make up for it with my unabashed enthusiasm.) But the truth is at the end of the day, they might as well have an older boyfriend who has the means to ensure they aren’t doing their fucking laundry in the “common area” of some crappy apartment complex.

Which brings us to Corin Riggs. Who is doing her fucking laundry. In the fucking common area. Of some crappy apartment complex.

Damn, she looks hot for a teen chick doing laundry. I see the sweater puppies are on display!

corin riggs sexy teen doing laundry2

Looks like Corin Riggs doesn’t have much laundry to do… Looks like all bikinis and thongs. But then again, I’m guessing that’s all Corin Riggs wears.

Um, nice view here in this second shot.

corin riggs sexy teen doing laundry3

It’s got to suck to be here because she’s most likely dating some dumb idiot who wears his jeans around his thighs like he’s a fucking gang banger (see if you can make it through three months of Marine Corps boot – I’m talking about Paris Island, not that wimpy San Diego crap!). Although statistically he might be in his sexual prime, chances are he doesn’t know which end to use to please a woman. Which is exactly why Corin Riggs is on top of the dryer – it’s very large, very powerful vibrator.

Well, she’s got to get off some how, right? At least Corin Riggs looks sexy riding her big vibrator!

corin riggs sexy teen doing laundry4

Corin Riggs, listen up. What you need is an older man. I jog at least a mile every day, I’m hung like a can of Pringles (thanks Mom!), and if you were my arm candy and future wife you’d never ever have to work another day of your life.

Think about it!

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