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Cold Much?

I know chances are it’s really cold where you are today…. But you can’t be as cold as Ann Angel here, can you?

ann angel hot snow bunny 05

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Still nice and cold out? I know, right?

How about some Ariel Rebel in the snow. Topless of course!

snow bunny ariel rebel

My my my I do love my snow bunnies when they get naked in the snow. And Ariel Rebel makes one hell of a sexy snow bunny!

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I need to push this out now while it’s still “winter”. Not sure about the rest of the world, but I’ve started running in shorts again. It’s warm here.

So here’s a quickie of Sexy Pattycake half naked out in the snow!

snow bunny sexy patty cake

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Is it cold outside? Sucks to be you.

Looks like Meet Madden is making the best of it!

meet madden snow bunny

She might just be our favorite snow bunny after all!

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Alisa Kiss

Somewhere along the line the Internet has gotten boring. Creativity went out the window. Porn is still porn and still hot, but after a while we get tired of same old thing – perky thing blondes with long hair and flat stomachs who seem to invest every last waking moment to wearing high heels with their bikinis. Time for something new.

Today I discovered Alisa Kiss.

alisa kiss18

Now, I don’t usually like chicks who have streaks of blue in their hair or are “too goth”. I like beauty, not teen chicks who feel they need to espress themselves by trying in vain to stand out by dressing like idiots. Alisa Kiss isn’t really trying to stand out, she’s just being herself. I think the blue hair and the “slight goth look” she has going on here is all an act. I’ve been all over her member’s area and she’s got a little bit of everything. I don’t recall seeing her as a cheerleader or a French maid, but I’m find with that.

I did see her as a fucking mermaid in a tub (I’m so not kidding and it’s so fucking hot!) and even as super girl which was cute. Her member’s area is packed full of year’s worth of content; I see she dressed up for St Patrick’s day (and even had green hair). Good girl.

This picture doesn’t do Alisa Kiss justice. However, I feel I must post it if only because she’s in the snow and I love me snow bunnies. You’ll be seeing more of Alisa Kiss on the blog here so don’t be surprised when she pops up. I can’t wait to show you more of this chick!

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We get it. Mother nature is pissed off.

As I write this, forty-nine of the states are having snow of one form or another. Which might just be a first. I’m guessing it might be all fifty states, but chances are the reporter who write the story I just read doesn’t fucking know that snow falls in Hawaii on some of the highest peaks.

And I run into this set from Meet Madden. In the snow. Naked. Yummy.

meet madden-snow bunny7

I still don’t know why in the world any chick like Meet Madden would go out into the snow with the intention of getting naked, but hey, whatever floats her boat right?

meet madden-snow bunny2meet madden-snow bunny3meet madden-snow bunny5meet madden-snow bunny6

And just in case you were wondering, no, it’s not snowing where I live. It never snows here. It’s nice.

Enjoy your crappy weather. Now, I’m going jogging!

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It’s 5am as I’m writing this, and it’s some 46 degrees here in Northern California. Not cold enough for snow, but still colder than I would like.

Seems like other places have gotten snow recently….. Namely where it is that Your Caitlynn lives….

your caitlynn snow bunny 002

For the love of god I’ll never understand why a teen chick like Your Caitlynn – who has a delicious little rack – is so willing to take off her clothes and then go outside in the snow. Um, it’s fucking cold out there! Who the fuck knows, perhaps some chicks like that kind of abuse.

your caitlynn snow bunny 004your caitlynn snow bunny 008your caitlynn snow bunny 009your caitlynn snow bunny 015

Either way, it’s still hot. And it still turns me on. But then again, what doesn’t turn me on?

I’ve never paid too much attention to Your Caitlynn. I’m not sure why. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her topless before. Damn, this girl has some boobies!

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Winter Is Here

I live in Northern California, north of Sacramento. It’s nice here, mild weather, never too hot, never too cold. Rarely rains and never ever snows. (Fuck snow. Never again.) But the past few days we’ve been hit with a cold snap that is fucking freezing. When I wake up in the morning it’s like twenty degrees outside, which is unheard of here. Makes me think of my snow bunnies…..

Then I come across these pictures of Sexy Pattycake, out in the snow, wearing nothing more than a short pair of shorts and a little tiny knit sweater. Clearly she’s not wearing a bra, and not much else…..

sexy pattycake snow bunny 2

Now I’m a fun loving guy and I’ll try anything once. When I was a kid I used to run around in the snow on the back porch in my undies, but I’ve grown up since then. Gotten smarter. No way in hell I’m getting naked in the snow. Fuck no.

But the things girls like Sexy Pattycake do to entertain us… Running around in the snow in short shorts and a thin see through sweater. Wait until you see the rest of the pictures!

sexy pattycake snow bunny 1

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Well, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Ann Angel half naked in the snow, and I’m guessing it won’t be the last time either.

I’m just not sure if this is a huge turn on for me, or if this makes like cock – normally hung like a baguette – shrivel up inside of itself! (You know what I’m talking about!)

ann angel white catsuit outside snow1

I love it! She’s all dressed up in white – white body stocking, white panties, and white boots – and out in the snow. Fucking Ann Angel must be freezing. I swear, there is no limit to what chicks will do to entertain us!

ann angel white catsuit outside snow2 ann angel white catsuit outside snow3 ann angel white catsuit outside snow4 ann angel white catsuit outside snow5

I wonder if Ann Angel would be willing to make a snow angel for us in this outfit……

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Teen Bras In Snow

Welcome to Rochard’s Bunny Ranch, home of the snow bunnies. Her we go again.

This time it’s Diddy & Serena out playing in the snow – it’s snowing! – and lifting up their shirts to show us their perky little teen breasts!

lesbian snow bunnies1

It’s so cold out that Diddy & Serena had to pull their shirts down and warm up by making out!

lesbian snow bunnies4

Let’s face it, there’s no way for a young teen chick to get warmer than to make out with her teen lesbian girlfriends!

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