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My Snow Bunny

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Work is so over rated!!!!

I used to be a great skier when I was a younger, but I learned how to avoid snow at all costs a long time ago. Oh, I loved skiing! We used to go for long weekends, and once I even went to Switzerland – that was something else. Rumor has it there is snow up in Lake Tahoe, not too far from me. So, I called up my buddy “Punker” and off we went in search of snow.

One of the things I love about her is her spirit of adventure. She’s an “anything goes” type of girl but in a classy way. That is, if you believe wearing a bra and panties in the snow is “classy‘.

punker barbie sexy snow bunny1

Punker is not a model but can easily be one. Instead, she works with such hotties as Diddy, Kate, and Southern Brooke, and makes sure their sites run smooth. She’s always a blast to hang out with.

It was fucking cold this day; It took an entire bottle of wine to get her outside half naked!

punker barbie sexy snow bunny2

It would take a lot more than a single bottle of wine to get me outside in the snow in my undies!!!

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