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This hot blonde chick from Alluring Vixens is covering up her boobs perfectly… Now this is hot!

sexy hot blonde chick

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You all know how I like the bikini… I’ve been updating this blog daily since 2005, but my thing for bikinis goes way back… Yeah, showing my age and I know it. Don’t care because my girlfriend is still MUCH more hotter than yours.

This babe from Alluring Vixens wears her little bikini nicely…

perfect bikini body

This bikini babe is pure perfection!

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This is exactly what I love about Alluring Vixens – it’s a grab bag full of beautiful pictures. You don’t know what your gonna get every time you log in, but you can sleep well knowing it will be hot and she will be young. Always hot!

This is Donna in a sexy little bikini

donna sexy bikini2

God I love the big hair! And this hot bikini babe has lots of big hair!

donna sexy bikini1 donna sexy bikini3 donna sexy bikini4 donna sexy bikini5

donna sexy bikini6 donna sexy bikini7 donna sexy bikini8 donna sexy bikini10

So many hot women… So little time!

donna sexy bikini11 donna sexy bikini12

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Women with long hair and big boobs is a dangerous combination. Sort of makes my knees weak. If Brianne here had a southern accent I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. I would just give in and do anything she wanted…

brianne sexy bikini6

The way her long hair falls down the side of her face and her body… Smoking hot. The boobs just makes it even hotter!

brianne sexy bikini1 brianne sexy bikini3 brianne sexy bikini8 brianne sexy bikini12

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Bikini And Boobs

It drives me mad that I don’t get to see Layla from Alluring Vixens naked… Hmm, maybe I should sign up.

layla sexy blonde hot bikini1

You all know how I love the bikini, right? Well, it might be cold out – it’s fucking December already – but that doesn’t mean we cannot still admire hot babes in a bikini.

In this case, it’s all about the breasts!

layla sexy blonde hot bikini2 layla sexy blonde hot bikini3 layla sexy blonde hot bikini4 layla sexy blonde hot bikini5

layla sexy blonde hot bikini6 layla sexy blonde hot bikini7 layla sexy blonde hot bikini8 layla sexy blonde hot bikini9

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Amanda Marie

Usually chicks with dark hair and big brown eyes don’t do it for me, but Amanda Marie from Alluring Vixens sure does do it for me. Talk about smoking hot!

hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie1

First thing here, any chick who has hair long enough to put in pigtails = hot. Plain and simple.

Second, Amanda Marie has a banging body. Perfection!

hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie2 hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie3 hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie5 hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie6

Who wouldn’t want to tuck in behind her and pull on that long hair while hitting it from behind?

hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie7 hot hispanic babe matching bra panties amanda marie8

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Sexiest Workout

For reasons I cannot explain, I like to watch women working out. I go to the gym daily and sit on the bikes that are behind the joggers, and watch their little asses bob up and down all fucking morning long. It’s awesome.

Maybe it’s because when I was younger one of my first porno videos was a bunch of hot chicks working out naked. Fap fap fap.

layla sexy blonde works out1

Layla from Alluring Vixens isn’t naked, but she seems heading in that direction, huh? That’s hot.

Talk about a perfect lean body.

layla sexy blonde works out2 layla sexy blonde works out3 layla sexy blonde works out5 layla sexy blonde works out8

And with this Alluring Vixens chick having sexy blonde hair, that just makes her the most perfect package, doesn’t it? I’d work out with her any time!

layla sexy blonde works out11

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I really don’t like solo girl “ish” sites that have multiple girls on them. I usually like a solo girl because she’s hot. Usually sites with dozens of chicks ends up with lots of ugly chicks.

But I like the Alluring Vixens site. Doesn’t seem to have this problem.

brianne sexy bikini massive breasts2

Her name is Brianne. Very nice.

Lots of boobs, lots of cleavage. My type of chick.

brianne sexy bikini massive breasts5 brianne sexy bikini massive breasts6 brianne sexy bikini massive breasts7 brianne sexy bikini massive breasts8

And I am so digging those tight short shorts!

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Hot Bikini Babe

I’m not sure why I don’t talk more about Alluring Vixens. Talk about a super hot website… And lots and lots of bikini stuff!

I was on Facebook the other day and was surprised to see an ad for Alluring Vixens… Seems they were able to get that past the censors!

Oh, this is Brianna. Smoking hot. Nice boobs.

alluring vixens brianne bikini

I like smoking hot babes in bikinis!

And there is a lot more where this one came from!

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Boobs And Bikinis

Here’s another big breasted hottie from Alluring Vixens. Damn, seems they like boobs and bikinis as much as I do!

hot bikini picture

She’s hot. I bet you this alluring vixen is into skinny dipping!

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