11 Jul 10

Cybernet Expo 2010

Each and every year I look forward to spending the weekend in San Francisco at Cybernet Expo. This time we had some new hotties around!

sf2010 44

Before anyone asks, yes, I did go to the Kink.com party – wouldn’t miss that for the world – but I didn’t take any pictures while I was there. For the most part I spend the night in the “chain room” with Steve Lightspeed, Conner, AsianWebDiva, and a few others, which ended up in a special tour of the SF Armory given by none other than Terry of Kink.com.

Oh, for some reason the gallery links aren’t working right and they don’t pop into a new window. Get over it.

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While working on getting the blog ready to post up some new pictures, I discovered the entire original webmaster section was still in place – meaning, I have photos from the past ten years that I had forgotten about. A quick look reminded me of how much fun I’ve had in the industry. One by one I’m going to get these new galleries up and into the blog here.

These pictures, date unknown, are from a birthday party we through for a Lightspeed Cash employee named BryanY. Turns out it was also Covette’s birthday, so we invited him along and drank twice as much. This party was the forerunner of the “bikini bash” I became well known for in Phoenix.

bikini bash old photos13

Also in the pictures is Raimi, a Lightspeed Model, and Punker before anyone knew her!

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15 Aug 09

Miami 2009

Ryulion went to Miami this year and all he got was… The chance to bite some hot ass! Leave it to Rylion to make things happen!

Looks like someone had way too much for his own good!

Thanks for sharing the pix Ryulion!

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There is no city I love more than San Francisco, and San Francisco in June is perfect weather. The show itself was great.

The highlight of the show for me was meeting Shay Laren. I’ve met models left and right, and I can take them or leave them. But Shay Laren was nice, funny, and sexy as hell! Special thanks to the crew at Medium Pimping for bringing her along!

san fran 09 11

Now, onto the pictures!

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8 Apr 09

Dodgeball 2009

No Phoenix Forum would be complete without Lightspeed Dodgeball….. Who can pass up on dozens of cheerleaders stripping as they play dodgeball? Only Steve Lightspeed can think of something like this……

phx09 dodge101

And this year dodgeball was a huge hit with dozens of cheerleaders getting naked!

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Another Phoenix Forum, another round of XXX Ironman!

What I like best about the XXX Ironman events is taking photos of the balls in flight. This picture of Love Gisele with the ping pong ball flying rocks!

xxxironman phx09 151

The funniest thing was Jeff from VS trying to distract the other team by putting his face right behind the row of cups. They threw the ball, it hit the cups, bounced up, hit Jeff’s face, and then into a cup. Might not have been his brightest move.

And of course….. Christian and Bugbee are now officially un-defeated for the third time in a row. Insane!

phoenix07 545

Enjoy the pix!

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8 Apr 09

Phoenix 2009

The weather couldn’t have been better for this year’s Phoenix Forum!!!!

Of course I got to spend high quality bonding time with all of my favorites, including Diddy from Spunky Cash… Yes, that’s me in a suit and tie – Go figure, stranger things have happened!

phoenix forum09 099

And no Phoenix Forum would be complete without Punker standing by with a bottle of Jager…..

phoenix07 329 2

Special thanks to CCBill and all of the great sponsors that make this is a great show!

Now, on to the pictures!

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8 Apr 09

Dunk Tank

Well this was something different – Webmaster Checks had a dunk tank at the Phoenix Forum. Sweet.

phoenix09 dunk18

phoenix09 dunk19

In one of those all time classic moments, Scooter from Camz.com gave it his best and failed. I mocked him, telling him he “threw like a girl”. He asked if I could do better an I stepped up to the plate. I kid you not – the first ball I through and this dark haired hottie went into the dunk tank. Nice nipples BTW.

And of course Eric from Playboy had to get into the fun…. Freakboy!

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14 Jan 09

Ynot @ Vegas!

YNOT went to Vegas for Internext 2009 and reported it was good to go, even if the economy is in the crapper! Who knows, maybe there is hope after all!

Special thanks to YNOT for the pix!

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13 Jan 09

Member Channels

Martin from Member Channels went to Vegas, took a bunch of cool pix, and had blast – at least that’s what it looks like. More hotties for the photo galleries!

Thanks Martin!

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