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Zoey Ryder Is A Hot Blonde

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There is just a little something something about Zoey Ryder. I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s almost like she’s got a young Marilyn Monroe thing going on. You look at her and one moment you think you have her all figured out and then you look at her again from a different angle and she’s a mystery that is larger than the Bermuda Triangle. You just can’t figure her out and god only knows that this little tight blonde teen is thinking of. Maybe she is thinking of nothing at all or maybe she is thinking of sucking your pole until she drains it dry.

You know she’s got a serious dirty streak in her – Just like Marilyn Monroe did. She might look innocent, but she’s not…. I won’t say Zoey Ryder is a slut, but she sure can be slutty!

Those are some sexy shorts Zoey Ryder has on too… Sort of old school, like something from the 1960s or 1970s… It just seems to add to the allure of her being just like Marilyn Monroe… A younger, hotter Marilyn Monroe…. At the same time she’s so tiny like a spinner – she must be fun when she’s riding on top of you….

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