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Short Skirt and High Heels

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The other day we posted a picture of XOXO Leah in a skirt that wasn’t nearly short enough. Well, seems XOXO Leah got the message. Because this skirt she’s wearing couldn’t be any shorter. In fact, this really isn’t a skirt at this point… It’s more like a narrow band of fabric that briefly coves up her naughty bits.

Have XOXO Leah lift up her skirt, show us her boobies pushed up in her sexy black bra and put her in high heels, and well, this is exactly what I want XOXO Leah to wear on our first date. And for the rest of her life!


Damn, XOXO Leah in this skirt looks super hot!

Is it me or is XOXO Leah wearing purple panties here?


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