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Suck Baby!

Looks like XOXO Leah – the teen Barbie doll – has a little oral fixation going on here…..

And what can be better than that?

xoxo leah eating ice cream

You already know that XOXO Leah can suck on my popsicle any time she wants!

In fact, how much would that cost me?

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Leah’s Balloons

Sexy XOXO Leah has the perfect body, the perfect face, and the perfect little titties….. I’d want to spit my load all over her!!!!

sexy blonde barbie doll teen slut4

Not sure what she is wearing….. Looks like they used to be a pair of shorts…. But that’s fine because it still looks smoking hot on XOXO Leah…….

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Tell me that XOXO Leah isn’t the most perfect example of a woman’s body…….. That you have ever seen!!!

sexy blonde barbie doll teen slut3

Oh, and XOXO Leah has some cameltoe going on!!!!!!

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Sexy XOXO Leah!

My love for XOXO Leah is well established….. She’s one totally smoking hottie who looks more like a fucking Barbie doll than she does my future wife.

Here she is working on a report late at night wearing nothing more than black stockings a t-shirt – and clearly no bra!

sexy blonde barbie doll teen slut1

I love hot blonde chicks who don’t wear bras at home! Very nice titties she has this XOXO Leah chick!!!!!

sexy blonde barbie doll teen slut2

Come to daddy XOXO Leah…. I’ll show you some tricks that they can’t teach in books!

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The Perfect Model

Isn’t this a slice of perfection???? Beautiful….

super sexy xoxo leah

This is XOXO Leah – And boy, she is smoking fucking hot!!!!

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I Love XOXO Leah

Looks like they finally got XOXO Leah out of a bikini and into some real clothes….. And she still looks hot!!!!

Nice rack!!!!


I love her rack…. But I also like the fact that she’s willing to get down on her hands and knees – for a good old fashioned spanking!!!!!

I love you XOXO Leah!!!!


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Here’s another round of XOXO Leah pix, this time in a sexy bikini….

Is it any possible for this Barbie Doll to look any fucking sexier?

xoxoleah-sexy bikini3

Talk about a body made for a bikini – and for a night of sex! Whew…. I get exhausted just looking at her!!!!

xoxoleah-sexy bikini4xoxoleah-sexy bikini5xoxoleah-sexy bikini6xoxoleah-sexy bikini7

XOXO Leah I want to be your love slave!!! Holler back girl!

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The Perfect Wife

Why is is that XOXO Leah makes me weak in the knees?

xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies02

Maybe it’s the fact that her body is as flawless as her face…..

If this woman has any personality and is fun to be with – she might just be the perfect wife. Imagine that – XOXO Leah as the perfect wife!!!

xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies03xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies04xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies05xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies06

In fact… XOXO Leah would be the perfect wife with the perfect ass

xoxo leah teen green bikini boobies09

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Talk about a fucking flawless body…. XOXO Leah has one, and she’s rocking this red and white striped bikini!!!

barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini01

Talk about a woman you want to fuck!!! I don’t think there is a woman with a better body on the Internet today!

This chick is a Barbie doll with the perfect body!

barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini02barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini03barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini04barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini05

barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini06barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini07barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini08barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini10

And when her bikini bottom crosses her knees…. That’s just perfect. You know it’s coming all the way off!

XOXO Leah has the perfect body – and along with that, it looks like the perfect snatch too!

barbie doll xoxo leah blonde teen bikini11

I wouldn’t mind getting down on my knees to lick her snatch! Or any other part of her body for that matter!

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Just when you thought it was impossible to make XOXO Leah any sexier…. Along comes her girlfriend dressed up in a super super short mini skit – which pretty much exposes her panties no matter how she’s sitting or standing – and they are about to play lesbian kissy kissy with each other!

xoxo leah lesbian threesome1

How is this for some Barbie doll lesbian hotness??? That fourth picture should go up on the Lipstick Kisses Blog it’s so damn hot!

xoxo leah lesbian threesome2xoxo leah lesbian threesome3xoxo leah lesbian threesome4xoxo leah lesbian threesome7

But once XOXO Leah gets her girlfriend on her back… It’s time to move in for another lesbian kiss, this time with their boobies touching!

xoxo leah lesbian threesome6

xoxo leah lesbian threesome8

If that isn’t a full pie of heaven, I’m not sure what is….. I’d kill to be in the center of these two!!!

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