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XO Gisele Is Stunning

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Every now and then a woman comes along that is just stunning. Destiny Moody comes to mind. She might be one of my favorites, but at the end of the day she strikes me as a “girl”. I mean, I am sure she is a college girl, legal drinking age, but she’s just not a woman. There is a difference. A woman is someone who can handle themselves. XO Gisele is all woman and way too much for most of you to handle.

XO Gisele is all blonde hair and boobs. That’s the perfect combination when it comes to a chick….

Can you imagine having XO Gisele riding on top of you? With fistfuls of blonde hair and huge boobs flopping all around! That would be a perfect day all right!

Seems she likes to play with her boobs too. But then again, what chick doesn’t like to play with her own boobs? All women do.

I’ve been in the porn industry for over twenty years and at the end of the day I have no idea who XO Gisele is… She’s been all around, does a lot of non nude PG13 stuff – I see her riding around in big trucks and sports cars on YouTube with her huge boobs bouncing around.

I bet you XO Gisele is always tons of fun!

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