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XO Gisele Is All Dressed Up

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There is nothing hotter than when a chick dresses up for you in Lingerie. Hotness. It’s a true love when a women willingly gets all dressed up for you in sexy lingerie just for show and just for you.

I feel sorry for women. It’s a lot of work for them to be all dressed up like this. They start with panties, stockings, bustier, stockings, garters, high heels…. Whew – that’s a lot of work. Us men, all we need to do is put on a pair of boxers. Super easy. When a chick like XO Gisele gets all dressed up for us, it’s a lot of work, a lot of effort…. That’s true love to get dressed up for us.

But you have to admit XO Gisele wears it well. Lingerie – or any kinds of sexy outfits (bikini, short skirts, tight jeans) needs to things to make it work…. Long legs and big boobs. XO Gisele has both of these and lots of them. Combined with the long blonde hair and those root beer brown eyes it’s hard to look away from her….. At the very least you already know, deep down inside of your heart in places you wish didn’t exist, you would never ever have the willpower to say no to her.

God damn… Just imagine having XO Gisele riding on top of you with those big huge boobs riding free and bouncing all around with the ride of each wave… That would be just magical!

Now imagine if XO Gisele has a sister… And you can tap both of them at the same time!

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