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Gisele Has Giant Boobs

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I wanted to start this post by reminding you all that I love breasts and that perhaps I should start a blog about tits, but… I just remembered I have a blog about tits. Because, you know, how doesn’t like big hooters?

I could not imagine being XO Gisele. At some point in time she must have looked around and said “Gee, I have bigger boobs than everyone I know”. She looked around at her friends, her teachers, her mom, her moms friends, and everyone at the mall and said “Gee, I have bigger boobs than everyone I know” or even “I have bigger tits than everyone I’ve ever met”.

Growing up as XO Gisele must have been a chore. Can you just picture XO Gisele doing gym class? That can only be described in one word: Bounce. Her gym class must have loved her. Watching XO Gisele do jumping jacks would have been mind blowing, perhaps even life changing.

That is a lot of cleavage XO Gisele has…. I can’t wait until she pulls out those boobs for us to see!

The very thought of having XO Gisele riding on top of me with her huge boobs bouncing around, flopping around… Is just way too much for me to handle! Then again, I wonder if you would be able to handle a chick with such huge boobs!

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