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Biggest Melons Of The Entire Kingdom

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They say the bigger they are the easier they fall. I wonder if that applies to chicks with huge boobs. Sometimes I swear I just want to run up to them and push them over – big breasted chicks look like they could fall over at any time. It’s sort of like cow tipping, but with big breasted women.

I wonder if XO Gisele ever has any problems. I’ve never walked in high heels but I imagine it’s not easy. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for XO Gisele just to walk in high heels… Oh, the things big breasted chicks do for us men!

XO Gisele sure is super easy on the eyes… I imagine must look super sexy with her huge breasts neatly tucked into a tight shirt…. Usually I like blonde hair chicks with blue eyes, but the big brown eyes XO Gisele has are a huge turn on here…. They look like root beer. Right?

XO Gisele is way too much of a woman for most of you to handle.

XO Gisele is wearing what looks like a tight dress, nice and short. It’s super tight. I can only imagine what this dress looks like when the top is buttoned. I wonder if her boobs are just trying to burst out of a tight top… That must be super hot!

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