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Super Tight Jeans

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I swear to God I want to fuck Next Door Nikki into next week…. Or maybe even next month! Next Door Nikki has the perfect tight little body, a great ass, and wonderfully huge teen breasts – She’s like the perfect teen package!

Check her out when she’s laying down in these tight little jeans…. Doesn’t that make you want to fucking mount her? Dry hump Next Door Nikki? I would.


Here she is on her back – Next Door Nikki has some of the largest teen breasts I’ve ever seen!!!

Next Door Nikki likes to wear tight t-shirts I’ve noticed. And it’s no wonder. If I had breasts like Next Door Nikki, well, I’d want to show them off too!


Then again, with huge teen breasts like these…. How could you not show them off? Nearly anything she wears Next Door Nikki would be showing off these breasts!!!!


I’d gladly lick her feet – and anything else she wants!!!!

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