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Super Sexy Runner

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Women running are always hot. I bike myself, and I love checking out the hot joggers running around. I am not sure who invented the tight little pants women wear when they are running, but they are super hot. I love watching their asses bounce around like two little pringles rubbing each other. (Don’t know what a pringle is? Google it.) But no matter what women running are hot.

And from the front they are hot too – with their huge boobs bouncing around. And even sports bras are hot too.

Madden makes a great runner… Her tight little ass in her tight little pants are super hot! I would follow her any where. In fact, I would even take up running just to follow Madden around.


Then again, runners have to take their shows off too sometime right?

I swear I would fuck Madden with her damn shoes on.


Check out the pictures on the wall behind her. That’s hot too.

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