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Sexy Teen Madden In Bustier

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I do love it when teen chicks get all dressed up. It’s cute. They don’t know it, but they are way in over their head.

Now don’t get me wrong here – I don’t think Madden is a “dumb teen” here. I know she plays it up like she’s a dumb teen, but the reality is she is much smarter than she looks. She’s dressed up in this little bustier with her little bit of cleavage and a shit eating grin on her face. She’s luring you in. And you damn well know you would do anything for sweet Madden.

I think Madden is a stripper, or at least she was. This makes her so much hotter. I’ve dated a stripper before; In fact, I married one once. Strippers are magical. It’s not that strippers are sluts or banging a stripper is rare or that it’s always been a dream you wanted to come true. It’s because of how they moves. Not only can they entertain you in the bedroom with a quick dance (When was the last time your lame ass girlfriend gave you a lap dance or danced for you?) but when they are fucking you they move in a way most women would never move. They would never think about it.

That’s why chicks like Madden are so damn magical.

In fact, I think Madden is like a unicorn. Not only is she a stripper (or former stripper) but she is also really good looking dare I say sexy. Oh, you know exactly what I am talking about. There is a reason why strip clubs are always poorly lit – because most of the chicks are ugly. But not Madden. She’s the unicorn of strippers – hot and sexy and still has all of the moves.

Combined with some dressing up and it’s no wonder that Madden comes up at the top of our lists!

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