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Sexy Glamour Model Madden

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Somehow Madden just gets hotter and hotter. She must be one of those chicks who is like a fine wine that only gets better with age. The best part is as Madden gets older, her boobs will get bigger too…. And that’s exactly what we would like to see!

Today we have Madden wearing a sexy nightie. She might be covered up here but she is oh so fucking cute…. I think it’s the hair. Madden has her hair all up in curls and it’s oh so hot. Women are never really as sexy as they can be as when they are all dressed up. Women get dressed up for three reasons – they dress up for themselves, they dress up to impress other women, and then they dress up to impress us. When they dress up for us is when things get super exciting. A woman is never hotter than when she dresses up for her man!

Nothing says “I am owned by you” than when a woman dresses up like a little slut just for you, admitting that she is all yours.

You can bet Madden isn’t wearing any panties here either! That’s what type of girl she is!

Now imagine Madden with a few glasses of win in her… She pushes you down on the couch, you lean back, she pulls out your cock and then climbs on top of you…. And then mounts you. With that little nightie she is wearing and the fact that she doesn’t have any panties on means she can quickly just climb on top AND get off…. How hot is this? Then again, Madden has always been super hot…

Other than the fact we haven’t seen her breasts, the only other thing we haven’t seen is Madden getting it on with another woman… I would love to see hardcore lesbian sex with madden and one of her girlfriends….

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