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Meet Madden’s Hot Sexy Bikini

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Everyone who reads my blog here must know how much I am into bikinis…. It’s how I got into web pages and then into the adult industry. Yes, I am still in the adult industry these days. But for the most part I just admire the girls from afar…. Like Madden here. Yum.

I like Madden as much as the next guy but when she’s in a bikini it’s my favorite…. I think this is even hotter than that school girl outfit with that super short skirt years ago…  Madden might be a little bit older now but she still looks smoking hot!

I’ll take a girl in a bikini of a girl in a plaid skirt and stockings any day of the week!

You know why I like the bikini too…. It’s not like Madden can go out in public in her bra and panties and get away with it. But she can wear a bikini out in public and get away with it…. She might be half naked in just her bikini but I bet you she wears it well. She is also confident too!

Imagine Madden strutting around in her little tiny bikini…. Look at how tight that ass is!

Of course Madden is bending over showing off her tight little ass….

Who doesn’t want a taste of this?

The best part might just be that Madden is always physically fit… She’s not looking for a fight, but she’s not the type of chick who wants to lay there like a dead fish either….. You just know Madden would be a wild, wild ride!

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