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Madden’s Sexy Bra

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Madden looks great here.  She has small boobs and when she puts on a tight little bra it’s just super hot. Everything is tight. Super tight.

The rest of Madden is super tight too. I wonder if this is because she works out. Or maybe Madden has a secret double life as a stripper. You don’t think so? I do. Madden might come off as sweet and innocent, but the truth is she is having someone take naughty pictures of herself and putting them online on a website. Oh, sure, there is no actual nudity yet – just bra and panties stuff and teasing photos – but a solo girl site is sort of like a “gateway drug”. They start off with the sexy pictures and a two years later they are on their knees sucking cock and then riding cock. I think Madden  is coming up that time right now.

I love how her boobs fit snuggly in that bra.

Yeah, Madden is another girl next door who secretly has a dirty streak going on. She likes to get dirty.

I bet you she is a dirty little slut in the bedroom too!

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