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Madden In A Sexy Bikini

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I don’t know where Madden lives but I am guessing it’s in the middle of no where… I am guessing she doesn’t live anywhere near a beach, which is a damn shame… Chicks with a body like Madden need to be in a bikini and on the beach…. I think she lives somewhere in the Midwest – Not exactly the kind of place where pools are too common I am guessing.

What a damn shame. Imagine Madden hanging out at the pool wearing only her little skimpy bikini. She doesn’t have much for tits, but the rest of her make up for it. She is nice and tight. I know Madden works out.

I also love these bikini bottoms too – the kind with the string… One little tug of the string and suddenly Madden would be naked!

We have to get Madden to California or Florida and get her out to into the sun… Or at least a pool.


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