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Crazy Wild Madden Is Insane

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When I lived in an apartment complex this was this chick who lived across the way who used to flirt with me. She was wild and crazy and talked the talk. She used to tell me about how she would wear her high heels to bed and then rip my sheets when them while riding on top of me. She was married, but after months of her teasing me about this I finally took her up on her offer. And she was wild. She left marks on me, and also tore up my sheets.

I imagine Madden would be very much the same. If you got Madden into bed it would be like “slide it in and hold on because you are in for a ride”. Who could say no to that?

Madden is always wild and crazy.

What Madden is wearing is not even remotely important. She can be naked or fully dressed, and either way she would still look hot. And crazy too.

You already know Madden is too hot for you to handle, but still at the same time you know would you kill to try! On night with Madden would surely change your life! If only we could get that lucky!

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