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Bright Yellow Panties

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Some times photo shoots get odd. As if these “Joe Boxer” bright yellow panties in the garage isn’t enough, these set of photos gets some what odd when the bondage rope comes out! Imagine being lucky enough to be able to talk Next Door Nikki into letting us tie her up! Imagine that…. I would tie up her up and have my way with Next Door Nikki all night long until we were both too sore to walk in the morning!

And I’m guessing Next Door Nikki would be up for the challenge! She’s that type of girl!

next door nikki joe boxer1

And who wouldn’t want to tie up Next Door Nikki, and maybe spank her ass…..

next door nikki joe boxer2

Only if Next Door Nikki is willing to wear a ball gag. I just don’t want her to be bitching abut how much it hurts!

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  • I’d spank that ass then lick it clean.

    MVargas June 6, 2010 7:50 am

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