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Sexy Melody Vee

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This is Melody Vee from This Year’s Model. Damn she’s hot.

It’s the hair. It’s all about the hair. Usually I like to think it’s about the boobs. All men like boobs. Big boobs, small perky boobs, anything in-between, it doesn’t matter. Boobs are boobs and we like them all, you know you do. They are the first things we usually see about on a chick. But we also see their hair too. In this case, Melody Vee has lots of hair. In fact, her hair makes her look like she is straight out of a 1980s brat pack movie… Or maybe a 1980s porn flick.

Yeah, I can see Melody Vee doing porn…. She’s got the body for it! Nice and tight with all of the right curves!


Once Melody Vee takes off her top – I guess that is a bikini top? – we can see her perky boobs. Like I mentioned above, we like all kinds of boobs. And in this case Melody Vee has beautiful sexy perky teen boobs. Perfect. Flawless.

I don’t know much about Melody Vee – in fact, you now know as much as I do – but if she ever wants to do porn I would pay to see that!


In fact, why don’t you just go see her naked right now at This Year’s Model?

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