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Dare Taylor

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I always like it when I find something new… Yum. (I’ve been using that word a lot these days.)

This is Dare Taylor from This Year’s Model. Again, yum. I might like my chicks blonde but this brunette has stolen my heart. All of the pictures This Year’s Model sent out was fantastic, all of them hot. She’s just a perky young lady. She looks playful. I would have called her Taylor Dare because I think “dare” is more of a last name than a first name. I’ve met a lot of chicks with the first name of Taylor, but never heard of a chick named Dare. I dont’t care; Names don’t matter so as long her name isn’t “David” or “Bob”. (“Bobby” might be okay, however.)

Yeah, I would so hit that.

In the photos This Year’s Model sent over this morning Dare Taylor is wearing a cute little skirt… I like playful chicks in skirts. Always lots of fun. Of course, it’s even more so when she isn’t wearing any panties. Chicks who wear skirts without panties is always super super hot. It means they are ready to have sex any place any time. All they need to do is life up that little skirt and boom you get to play with the goodies.

Bras come off just as easy too.

Clearly Dare Taylor likes to get freakly in public spaces!

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