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Super Tight Teen

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It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen anything new from Teen Deja, but sometimes things are just worth the wait!

Seeing Teen Deja in these sexy black stockings is a bit too much for me to handle!

teen deja black stockings1

I know Teen Deja personally; I’m good friends with her. But she’s so damn tiny and I tend to think of her as being young – as in jailbait. She’s not. But when a young chick like Teen Deja dresses up like a “woman” in thigh high black stockings, it makes me feel like a dirty old man. Well, I guess I am a dirty old man but that’s beside the point.

teen deja black stockings2teen deja black stockings3teen deja black stockings5teen deja black stockings6

Oh, and a few rare shots of Teen Deja topless. Sexy!

I love this last shot of Teen Deja, topless, with her panties around her foot! You know what comes next!

teen deja black stockings7

I would kill to see Teen Deja naked in person!

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