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Talia Shepard Still Has Huge Boobs

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The only reason women wear bikinis is because they like to show off their breasts. They parade around in their little bikinis with their huge breasts out on display. When they put high heels you know damn well they are only there to show off. Or at least show off while swimming.

Talia Shepard has just the right body for showing off the titties. Sometimes chicks who have big racks are a bit on the heavy side. That’s just the way it is sometimes. Chicks with big tits are big girls. But with Talia Shepard she has the right body for this. She has the huge boobs but she’s not really a big girl.

She’s just right.

Talia Shepard has a great little body. Those titties are sticking out nice and proud too. I think no matter what kind of bikini or swimsuit you put Talia Shepard in she would still show off just perfectly.

I wish we could see the rest of Talia Shepard but for now we’ll just have to go with the top half…. That’s the good part any how.

Oh, and please, don’t tell me you can’t fuck the top half. You sure can titty fuck her. I bet you Talia Shepard likes being titty fucked.

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