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Talia Shepard Has Some Beautiful Long Legs

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Usually when ever I post about Talia Shepard it’s usually about her boobs. It’s always about the boobs, and Talia Shepard has the big boobs.

Now, I’ve worked in the porn industry a long time and I know there are all kinds of different fetishes. Back when I first started they were simple – boobs, legs, ass…. Even MILF…. Now things are all over the place with new niches popping up all over the place. For a while I worked in dating and discovered Clown Porn was a huge thing. Go figure. I guess it takes all types doesn’t it. I understand there are some guys that are into asses or legs…. For a while I was into high heels; I even had a blog dedicated to high heels. I will always have a place in my heart for chicks who wear high heels (I love the sound of the clicks of the high heels when women walk) but boobs is where it’s at….

And when it comes to boobs, Talia Shepard is in the top five. Yum.

But now seeing Talia Shepard bending over and showing off her ass and her legs, in those slutty high heels…. Yum! Who wouldn’t want to tag that from behind!

I guess you could still reach around and play with the tits!

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