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Short Plaid Skirt

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Well, this is kind of queer. For me anyhow. I swear to god last night I had a dream just like this – a hot brunette in a super short plaid skirt! Her skirt was so damn that with nearly every step she took, her skirt would rise up just enough for me to see that she clearly wasn’t wearing any panties. Every time she left the room I had to watch, if only just so I could get a glimpse of her ass. In my dream she was wearing high heels, and at one point I stopped her – we were both standing up – and I ran my hand up her thigh, up her skirt, and to her good spot.

Fuck. You don’t want to hear about my creepy fantasies do you?

Then I wake up in the morning, and there’s brand new pictures of Talia Shepard in my email. In a short plaid skirt. Go figure.

short plaid skirt10

Damn, Talia Shepard is fucking beautiful. I knew she had perky nice tits and all, but the rest of her is fucking stunning too! Holy shit!

That just makes me want Talia Shepard even more. But you knew that. Because you want her too. Pervert.

short plaid skirt11short plaid skirt12short plaid skirt13short plaid skirt16

Damn perfect boobies!

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