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Cheerleader Pig Tails

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Here’s another chance to prove that Talia Shepard was a cheerleader… Some girls wear pig tails constantly, others never do. The chicks that wear their hair up in pig tails all the time, well, those are the ones that that was most likely a cheerleader back in their high school days.

Check out this picture of Talia Shepard. Do you see what I see?

talia shepard short shorts sexy-workout11

God, I love chicks who wear fucking pig tails. They are always the ones who give a good fuck in bed – not the kind to lay there like a fucking fish. I bet you I know exactly what Talia Shepard is like in bed!

Besides, if she’s not putting in enough effort… You can just yank on her pig tail! That will make sure Talia Shepard is giving you her undivided fucking attention!

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