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Teen Kneeling

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This is exactly what I love about Sweet Krissy…. Tall, thin blonde with a beautiful face, a killer rack, and a desperate need to show off her sexy teen body!

Here she is in a short skirt and a black and pink bra, sexy black high heels, kneeling on a stool…… Any chick who is willing to kneel in front of you is the type of chick that is willing to get down on her knees and suck you off. I’m guessing Sweet Krissy is no exception….

sweet krissy tight skirt hot teen ass1

When you spin Sweet Krissy around and then bend her over ever so slightly….. What a great little ass she as! Beautiful strong legs too!

Sweet Krissy likes to be spanked. I’ve seen videos of it. She gets off on it. Imagine pulling up her little skirt here and spanking her bare bottom until it’s bright cherry red!

sweet krissy tight skirt hot teen ass2

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