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Sweet Krissy

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I’ll take my sheet action any which way I can get it, but brunettes aren’t usually my thing. Although blondes have more fun, I prefer redheads myself. But Sweet Krissy, who seems to be all boobs, does it for me.

sweet krissy sexy brunette2

I like women of all sizes – tall ones, short ones, big breasted ones, long legged ones, and ones with long hair. Seems to me Sweet Krissy is all of these rolled up into one fun good looking package. I’ll take two of these – to go please!!!

sweet krissy sexy brunette1
sweet krissy sexy brunette3
sweet krissy sexy brunette6
sweet krissy sexy brunette7

So let’s welcome Sweet Krissy to the blog…. Now all I need is some nude pix of her!!!

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