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Sweet Krissy Is Back!

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Every spring the online adult industry gets together in Phoenix, Arizona, for a convention. It’s a magically time of the year really. The weather is perfect and the entire event is held outside. It used to be a lot more fun than it is now. The convention itself used to be mostly swingers, and it was insane. There was naked people running around all the time having sex. Eventually it settled down to pornographers.  It was fun – everyone brought models and they would run around half naked if not completely naked. The company I used to work for, Lightspeed Cash, started naked dodgeball. That’s correct – hot naked chicks running around playing dodgeball. These days the conventions are much more tamer. The online adult industry used to be pornographers, but now it’s only a handful of pornographers and a lot of businessmen. It’s not the same.

I ran into one of my old pornographer friends. He runs Kate’s Playground and a few other sites. Now in my industry there are models you like, and models you LOVE. Misty Anderson, for example, was a model I loved. Another one was Sweet Krissy. I always had a thing for her. The first time I saw pictures of her Sweet Krissy was wearing this super tight dress. She had these magical hips and huge boobs that made it all so damn exciting. She was hot.

So I ran into my old friend and he told me that Sweet Krissy is still shooting. Who knew? Sure enough, I go to her site, and she is still shooting. Of course Sweet Krissy still looks hot. It’s all about the boobs.

Oh, I love this. I love Sweet Krissy. God yes I love hot big breasted women down on their hands and knees with their legs spread with their huge titties out, looking like they are excited to give us a blow job. Sigh. Getting a blowjob from Sweet Krissy must be one of those events a man never forgets. Seriously, she’s beautiful.

I’ve said this so many times on the Rochard’s Bunny Ranch blog – It’s all about the tits. A chick like Sweet Krissy can have any man she wants and have them wrapped around their finger just because she’s got boobs like she has.

So it turns out Sweet Krissy has been shooting content for the past few years. Very much hotness.

Here is another picture…. This is smoking fucking hot. Sweet Krissy is naked wearing only high heels and stockings, with her ass up in the air just the right height. You can only imagine ramming your cock up inside of her from this position. And you just know Sweet Krissy would love it too!

I don’t think women like Sweet Krissy are sluts. All women like sex. But chicks like Sweet Krissy know exactly how to get a man off.

Of course there is nothing hotter than a woman who is willing to take off all of their clothes and get naked online for us. Hot, hot, hot!

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