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Stripper Pole

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I think the top fantasies that all men have are the cheerleader, threesome, and then the stripper. All men have wanted to fuck a stripper at least once in their life.

Check out Sweet Krissy working her stuff on the stripper pole!

sweet krissy stripper pole1

Let me tell you a little bit about strippers…. I have some knowledge in this area because I’ve had a few strippers here and there; I might have been married to a stripper once – I don’t remember. This was, of course, back in the day when strippers were fucking beautiful and full of personality like our Sweet Krissy here….

Strippers have the right moves….. Dancing the way they do, the things that they can do with their hips, when they are riding on top of you, well, it’s fucking magical. All women should be required, by law, to take stripper pole classes. It would improve our sex life ten fold.

Seems like Sweet Krissy has the boobs and the ass, and now she has all of the right moves in the bedroom thanks to her knowledge of being a stripper!

sweet krissy stripper pole2 sweet krissy stripper pole3 sweet krissy stripper pole4 sweet krissy stripper pole5

And when Sweet Krissy rubs her ass on the stripper pole, up and down, well, that’s fucking smoking hot!

sweet krissy stripper pole6

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