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Hot Teen Ass

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With Sweet Krissy, it’s all about the boobs. Men like boobs. We like boobs – a lot – because we don’t have a pair of our own to play with. If we did, chances are we would never leave the house. We’d just sit at home and play with our knockers, twenty-four hours a day. And we’d love every moment of it.

Sweet Krissy has a beautiful rack. Seriously, these sweater puppies are beautiful. Large, bold, in your face. And huge.

I bet you watching Sweet Krissy doing some jumping jacks is a beautiful sight!

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But there’s a lot more to Sweet Krissy than her huge rack. Her face is beautiful; I love her big root beer brown eyes! I swear, I’d drop a huge load of my jizz right on her face. Sweet Krissy is the playful sort; I bet you she’d love it too!

But I think Sweet Krissy has another feature worth mentioning – Her ass. Sweet Krissy has a beautiful little tight ass with the perfect curves. And she knows she’s got a great ass too!

sexy sweet krissy3 sexy sweet krissy6

A beautiful ass like Sweet Krissy has multiple purposes…..

Her member’s area has a few videos of her getting spanked with a ruler until her ass is cherry red; Sweet Krissy seems to enjoy it. Every time her ass gets spanked she gets this glazed look in her eyes like she just had a mini orgasm, which is always hot!

Then again, chicks in the age group that Sweet Krissy is in loves to be fucked doggie style, and judging from all of the pictures we’ve seen of Sweet Krissy on her hands and knees leads us to believe that she likes it like that too! I bet you she likes it fast and hard and from behind, just like all her little lesbian girlfriends!

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