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Don’t you wish that all of the schoolgirls dressed up like this when you went to school? Sure would have made it a bit easier…. I mean, with all of the chicks walking around around dressed up like whores and half naked with their knockers hanging out it would have made them a lot hornier – and would have made it easier for us to fuck their brains out!

Sweet Krissy here looks smoking fucking hot dressed up like a slutty school girl! With a banging body like Sweet Krissy has…. That would be a bit much to handle! Sweet Krissy can’t exactly hide her big massive knockers now can she? She could wear a longer skirt, but what would be the point in that?

Check out Sweet Krissy trying to study….

sweet krissy slutty schoolgirl with huge breasts

I’d love to study with her. In fact, Sweet Krissy would be my favorite subject!!!

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