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Bam – Sweet Krissy has the boobs!

Although Sweet Krissy gets naked in her member’s area, we aren’t allowed to show Sweet Krissy naked. Which really sucks. Because Sweet Krissy is stunning naked; Her breasts are both beautiful and magical! And seeing them naked is a wonderful sight. We should all be required by law to see such beauty on a daily basis. Then again, I guess if you were to sign up to Sweet Krissy you could do just that.

sweet krissy mesh shirt1

But Sweet Krissy isn’t all about the boobs, is she? Nah…. She’s got a beautiful little ass!

Put Sweet Krissy in a thong and it’s pure magic! Who wouldn’t want to peel off that thong with their teeth?

sweet krissy mesh shirt2

I know I would. I’d be first in line!

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