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Lucy O’Hara Yellow Bikini

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You can’t see it in this photo, but Lucy O’Hara is a redhead (and most likely Irish too). In this photo it almost looks like she has brown hair. You can tell Lucy O’Hara is a red head because she is so damn white. White chicks are either red heads or (gasp!) Canadian. I am guessing Lucy O’Hara here is not a Canadian.

Her pale skin makes this yellow bikini stand out a bit. Lucy O’Hara would be a hit at any pool, but the yellow bikini combined with her pale skin would make out sick out like a damn sore thumb. Smoking hot too!

Clearly Lucy O’Hara has the body to pull off this bikini!


Lucy O’Hara is just a little thick in the middle, but that’s fine. She makes up for this with her large breasts. The bikini picture here is again misleading (but hot); Her breasts look like they are about to pop out of her bikini.

And don’t get me started as to what Lucy O’Hara looks like from behind!

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