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Spencer Nicks Is Still Hot

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Spencer Nicks is still hot after all of these years. Yeah, this might be an old picture but she looks just as good now. It’s nice to see her still working on her site and still working on cam sites…. Super hot!

In this photo she is wearing a bikini, however, it’s a bikini in name only. I would kill to see a chick like Spencer Nicks wearing something like this in person out in public. That would just be super hot. But there is a reason why you don’t see chicks wearing a bikini like this in public. I love seeing chicks in bikinis as much as the next guy if not more, but this is less of a bikini and more like lingerie.

Still, wouldn’t it be great to see Spencer Nicks running around in this bikini at the pool or at the beach? That sure would be hot!

Surely not much of a bikini now is it?

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