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Banging Spencer Nicks Against A Tree

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Remember Spencer Nicks? Lol. Bangy bangy.

Most of us aren’t adventurous. I’m not sure how many times you’ve had sex outside, but for me I can count it on my fingers. Indoors I’ve been a little bit more crazy – I love getting it on in public.

But Spencer Nicks here…. Clearly she’s into public sex. In fact, she wants to get it on outside up against a tree. I’ve done up against a door a number of times, but never up against a tree…. Some chicks just have no fear of anything, and they are willing to try everything if only just once. You can bet you bottom dollar that Spencer Nicks likes to be fucked up standing up. She must like it doggie style the best, but standing up is fun too!

I can’t tell if that is a smile on her face or if she is scared of getting caught… Or scared of getting hurt!

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