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Flaunting It

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And clearly Southern Brooke has it in spades!

Boobs that is!

southern brooke short skirt1

Not only does Southern Brooke have the boobs I like – and boy oh boy do I like breasts – she’s got the child bearing hips that I’ve come to love!

She loves wearing short skirts and you know exactly what that means…. Southern Brooke isn’t the type of chick that doesn’t wear panties, so when she hikes her skirt you know your gonna get to see her little panties. Seems Southern Brooke likes thongs. I like thongs too.

My lord, what a beautiful ass!

southern brooke short skirt2 southern brooke short skirt3

Once last little peak….. Oh, Southern Brooke is just too cute for words!!!!

southern brooke short skirt4

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