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Sophia Winters Pulling Down Her Panties

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I’m not sure if Sophia Winters is pulling down her panties or her bikini bottom, but in the greater scheme of things it doesn’t really matter does it? So long as she is pulling something down around her knees that’s all that matters. And pulling something down around her knees is key here… Once a chick pulls her panties – or her bikini bottom – down past her knees that’s it. It means she’s getting naked and someone is getting laid. Once an article of clothing is down around her knees it’s not coming back up. Have you ever seen a girl pull her panties back up? Have you ever seen a woman pull her bikini bottom up back up? No, of course not. Once clothes come off and starts sliding down past the knees it’s a magical moment for sure!

Clearly this is something Sophia Winters has done before… Many times before!

Oh, Sophia Winters is hot. I still think Destiny Moody is my favorite, but Sophia Winters is up there in the top ten. Tall, dirty blonde, full sized breasts? What in the world is there not to like? Right? I love how she has the face of a nineteen year old but the body of twenty-five year old. Love those huge breasts!

And clearly Sophia Winters doesn’t mind getting naked out by the pool! We all like fun girls, and this one is lots of fun!

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