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Sophia Winters Gets Naked Outside Again

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Some chicks just like getting naked outside more than others. One of them is Sophia Winters.

Ever wonder why so much porn is shot outside – mostly in the solo girl niche? Southern California – Chatsworth – might be king when it comes to porn, but a lot of solo girl companies are located in Arizona. And they can shoot outside all year round in Arizona. Even in the dead of winter it doesn’t really get that cold there now does it. The company that shoots Sophia Winters is located in Phoenix.

I would cough up my left nut to spend an afternoon in Phoenix swimming naked with Sophia Winters…..

At least this explains why we see Sophia Winters getting naked outside so often – and usually in a bikini. You know me, if there is two things I like it’s boobs and bikinis. Sophia Winters fits into both categories perfectly…


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