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Jeep Fun With Sophia Winters

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Who doesn’t like Jeeps? Right?

I know most people think of me as Mustang kind of guy. I’ve had a dozen Mustangs in my lifetime, including a Mach 1 and a Cobra. But now I drive a Jeep. Sport cars are fun but aren’t always the best kind of transportation for a daily driver. Not much sense in driving to the super market parking lot with a heavy stick shift and 500 horsepower. It’s over kill. Not to mention all of the problems with a lowered car such as speed bumps and dirt roads. A few years ago during my first trip to Hawaii I rented a Jeep and frankly I loved it. It was (somewhat) sporty, and gave me the feeling I could go anywhere. Since then I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee and frankly, I love it. It’s not a real “Jeep Jeep” but it’s full time four wheel drive and I can still go anywhere I want.

Seems Sophia Winters is into Jeeps too, although she’s doing all kinds of crazy stuff. In fact, she looks so damn sexy outside wearing only a short little tight mini skirt and a tank top. You already know she isn’t wearing a bra, and most likely isn’t wearing panties either.

I think it’s time for some flashing!

Sure enough right on cue Sophia Winters decided to flash us…. Turns out she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Or panties.

Could Sophia Winters be any hotter?

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