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Teen Bikini Model

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I’m so going to hell, so I might as well post this up…. I do feel guilty every time I post up pictures of Skye Model. I’m sure she’s over eighteen – if only by a day or two – but still I feel like the dirty old man trolling for fresh meat at the mall. Yes, I’m going to hell.

What’s even worse is this photo of Skye Model – skimpy little bikini, legs spread….. Oh, the fucking things I could do this chick! I can teach her what it’s like to make love to a real man!

skye model sexy-white bikini1

Being as I’m already knee deep into this post, I might as well post this picture of her tight little ass in the water in this tiny little white bikini. Damn you Skye Model…..

skye model sexy-white bikini2

Or maybe I’m really going to heaven, and Skye Model is one of the chicks I’m going to meet on the lesbian cloud. Who knows….

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