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Skye’s Sexy White Bikini

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Yesterday a friend of mine and I were talking online and he was telling me how he likes big breasted chicks. I was thinking of Southern Brooke, but he was talking about huge fat chicks with huge knockers that might just weigh as much as I do…… Then he laughs and tells me that I like the “skinny mini teen chicks”. Um, yeah……

So I show him a picture of Skye Model and I ask him if he’d hit it. Of course he said yes. How could you not want to do obscene things with her in the dark?

skye model sexy bikini1

See, me, I love Skye Model. She’s exactly what I’d want in a girlfriend. Young, perky, tight, blonde…. She doesn’t look to bright. I can just imagine the first time she learned about oral sex; I bet you half the time she was worried that he was playing a joke on her. Oh no honey, it’s for real. Trust me. All women do this, and Skye Model, you’ll do it too. Often. Daily.

I see Skye Model is already in the position there…..

skye model sexy bikini2skye model sexy bikini3skye model sexy bikini4skye model sexy bikini5

I love hot teen chicks in bikinis. And in the case of Skye Model, well, I love her tight little ass in this bikini bottom…. God I could eat off of that!

skye model sexy bikini7

And oh so much more!

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